Shift Training: Starting the Year Off Right

It’s 2017, and you the officers holding and walking that thin blue line are still here. Thank you.  You are a special breed…born to do what you do.
Even though 2016 dealt us some serious injuries and took some of our partners, we are a resilient bunch – we know how to take that punch, we maneuver, adapt and will overcome whatever is thrown at us. 
So, with the start of the new year let’s take a hard look in that mirror and remind the person looking back, not on my watch, even though evil may visit, not – on – my – watch. 
Come hell or high water, I will make it through 2017!  I will get my tired lazy butt to the gym and workout! I’ll be damned if I am going to be some statistic or name on a wall, that’s not going to happen.  I will fight until the very end, I will not go out without a fight!
My community and partners depend on me to be proficient with my weapon skills, so I am going to get to the range every month and practice.  My tools will be ready at all times –My weapons cleaned and lubed, my lights charged and full of fresh batteries, my body rested, fueled and prepared for the tasks that await me on a daily basis.
I recognize that to master my profession that it goes beyond the physical and that it also requires me to study and to learn skills and techniques that will make me a better public servant.
My community, depends on me and there may be some who don’t know me, or may even be afraid of me, so every day when I go out on patrol (and outside and apart from my police contacts) I will meet with and listen to at least one citizen per day. Together we will build confidence and get to know each other, because we are one, we are a family.  This I owe them.       
Promise to stay ready and be the one who brings the other’s back . . .
About the Author: Lawrence Lujan is a veteran law enforcement officer and supervisor with El Paso PD, a proud member of the International Tactical Training Association, and the Editor-in-Chief of tactical Solutions Magazine
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