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Behavioral science seeks to better understand human behavior. Dr. William J. Lewinski and the distinguished members of the Force Science Institute is a banner bearer in the application of this science to the officer involved shooting and law enforcement use-of -force incidents.


How do we think and perceive during critical incidents? Why do we do what we do in time critical situations involving g the need to make fast and early decisions with respect to lethal force threats. The lens of Dr. Lewinski’s work has provided a scientific and crucial understanding of these questions and many more. The fruition of this work has now affected the outcome and perception of many cases in our courts of law. It is changing the way we think and talk about critical incidents and the use-of-force. For agencies, his life mission and work are now also a force multiplier with consequences for department policy, training and investigative approach.

Law enforcement work has often been characterized as hours of boredom followed by moments of terror. What happens in the moments? What can we say about the human behavioral dynamics within the bubble of a given critical incident? What do we know about the parameters of human action and reaction, human perception and memory? The answers to these questions can be found in the litany of peer reviewed publications advanced by the Force Science Institute. They have also been assembled in an advanced Force Science Analyst course of instruction of high relevance to investigators and police administrators.


The certified Force Science Analyst course delivers in many important regards: human performance in the critical incident is studied alongside our knowledge of the psychophysiology of emotion, vision and perception, attention and memory, and human motor systems. This research is not only clarifying the circumstances and f acts of the officer involved shooting (OIS) but also lending direction to training methodology for defensive control tactics and firearms training. Dr. Lewinski and his colleagues are the tip of the spear in an area of behavioral science which seeks to provide safe and legal heuristics for tactical decision-making, tools for the reconstruction of OIS cases, information with legal impact and policy implication that agencies cannot do without, and direction for enhancing  situational training to better support our officers in the conduct of their work.

ITTA invites you to seek out the many resources and superlative support found at the  Force Science Institute.


About the Author: Aaron Cunningham is the acting President of the International Tactical Training Association (ITTA). The work and research of Dr. William J. Lewinsky, Phd., can be explored at Force Science Institute.

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