Women in Law Enforcement Today


                                       “There are on this island only men and beasts…’ No More                                                                                                Daniel Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe

Women are representing themselves in law enforcement globally in the 21st century. Women are directing and leading the operations of our respective agencies internationally. This contemporary diversity in law enforcement is a matter of both equal employment opportunity and public safety alike.

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Across the globe in northeast Asia, Korea has elected Lee Kum-Hyoung as the acting Commissioner of the Busan Municipal Police Authority (BMPA). After 40 years of dedicated service, she is now the first woman to make the rank of chief superintendent general, the second highest position in the Korean National Police Agency comprised of over 100,000 personnel.

Today, exemplary women in policing are many and they include the legacy work of  Michelle Leonhart who now leads the US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA, a $3 billion agency with over 10,000 personnel), recently retired U.S. Park Police Chief Teresa Chambers, and US Marshall’s Service’s Director Stacia Hylton.


In central Asia, Afghan National Police Second Lieutenant Malalai Bahaduri was recognized by the US Secretary of State in receiving the International Women of Courage Award. Her compelling story is marked by life under Soviet occupation, death threats by Taliban and Afghan drug lords as she persisted with the development of the Counter Narcotics Police — Afghanistan (CNP-A). 


 There is a revolution in policing and women now represent almost 12% of 700,000 US police officers in the Nation’s 14,000 agencies according to the FBI (2011).


The legacy of banner-bearer women in law enforcement continues not only in leadership but assuredly across the specialized compartments and units of law enforcement agencies across the globe. ITTA’s own Executive Officer Sung Joo Lee was the first Asian woman officer to join the Education & Training Division  of the Chicago Police Department to instruct both  firearms and tactical training. She hailed from difficult assignments in Chicago’s Public Housing Unit and Special Operations Section.

Please remember to celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8, 2014. ITTA also congratulates and directs you to the legacy and hard work accomplished by the International Association of Women’s Police . Join with them this year for the 52nd Annual International Association of Women Police Training Conference in September 2014 in Winnepeg, Canada.

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