EOD/CIED Solutions in Training: ITTA Partners with WMDTech


Robert Brown returned this last fall to his home in Boise-Idaho by way of the grand Republic of Korea. His purpose was teaching specialized response to explosive threats through training on advanced electronics and precision aim to many national level EOD team members at both ITTA’s 2013 C4ISR Korea Conference and at the Counter Terrorism Symposia delivered separately for South Korea’s second city and members of  EOD teams from the Busan Municipal Police Authority (BMPA) and other regional authorities. They came to train and Robert came to teach and provided his keen insights garnered from his long experience and detailed knowledge regarding IED electronics design and the best known methods for defeating them.


These ITTA training events were augmented by the use of specialized x-ray tool kits and the enhanced XTK software program. These technologies are proven enablers truly supporting fast and sure counter-IED solutions. They are both easy to use and effective. Strong and positive feedback from the attending technicians on how rapid targets were acquired validated the overall training and the selected technologies.


The grid aim system in particular proved itself with simplified set-up and an optimal balance of speed and precision in executing IED targets in practical exercises. WMDTech manufactures the grid aim board system which is an important component for precision disruption. This degree of selectivity (as distinct from general disruption) is a very important tool for agencies to preserve evidences needed to effectively prosecute terrorists and criminals.

The underlying scanner-independent radiography software was developed by and for government by Sandia National Laboratories (http://www.sandia.gov) and is provided at no cost to authorized and validated recipients. This supports the current and pressing agenda to make the precision aim capability part of every Bomb Technician’s arsenal of tools. Additional resources of x-ray technologies for technicians can also be found at www.xraytoolkit.com (with registration online).


ITTA is very pleased to announce that we will offer continued training opportunity with WMDTech expertise and under the guidance of Robert Brown (current  WMDTech Vice President of R&D). Robert Brown retains a strong expertise and specialization in advanced Bomb Squad Render Safe Techniques for CBRNE threat.  He is a former electronics technician with General Electric and past member of the WMD Response Authority for the National Capitol Region where he also worked with the USDOS Weapons of Mass Destruction Countermeasures Division. He has spent countless hours working with Sandia National Laboratories and related schools. Please do not pass up the opportunity to work with an advanced authority within the field, a spectacular opportunity for bomb squad and security personnel globally. ITTA is always on Mission!

About the Author: Aaron Cunningham is the President of the International Tactical Training Association. Please stay tuned for more contributions and expert commentary to current and emerging explosive threats from ITTA experts. Coming next: Andrew Fayal, Mark Bensson and more on topics to include the render safe methods of hazardous devices, post-blast investigation, electronics and the coordinated response to All Hazards threat.  Thank you for following ITTA.

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