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Our Milestone Event in September
by Admin User - Friday, 6 December 2013, 10:01 AM

Our September conference marked an important milestone in a crucial journey for ITTA. The five day event held at the Police Training Institute in the Republic of Korea set out to provide definition, analyze and explore the value of the intelligence and surveillance enterprise in combatting terrorism and major crime in the post-9/11 era of law enforcement and homeland security. The current expressions of terrorism and transnational crime are not traditional. Neither are the ideas and methods currently used to prevent, mitigate and interdict these threats. Getting the training right is essential to achieve fit-for-purpose solutions to tackle these challenges.

Over 800 international members joined together to collaborate on this great task supported by dynamic instructors bearing the newest methods and best practices. Commissioner General Lee Sung-Han congratulated members “on your effective measures to maintain law and order for the security of your citizens…and preparation for unexpected terror internationally.”

Preparing for ‘unexpected terror’ highlights the need to live up to our responsibilities and standards and also to learn from our gravest mistakes and failures. The mutual recognition that the counter-terrorism and intelligence burden must be shared and collaborated upon is a keystone of this project. Our members and partners in training understand that the fulfillment of the counter-terrorism mission hinges on a strong sense of respect, reciprocal consideration and shared responsibilities in safeguarding our homelands.

Brigadier General Jung Soo welcomed members and conference attendees with an overview of the Republic of Korea’s commitment to the deployment of advanced Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) systems. His perspective on force development and modernization was guided by his experience with Command and Reconnaissance Programs at DAPA in Korea.

Our multifaceted and distinguished key note, Dr. James Breckenridge, defined current problems for strategic intelligence collection in law enforcement, explored enabling strategies for analysts and set the conditions for success in applying the right tools and methods to create actionable intelligence.

Professor Jimmy Gurulé’s key note address on ‘FISA and Foreign Intelligence Collection’ provided an overview of the statutory structure of FISA and operation of the secret FISA court (FISC) and electronic surveillance, current controversy and direction as well as  and legislative proposals being considered by Congress to reform and limit FISA.  Gurulé has leveled a keen eye towards tempering our national security response to terror in light of actual threat levels.

Robert Heibel moderated a banner bearer panel on ‘Applied Intelligence.’ This panel comprised of Executive Director Thomas H. Carr (Washington/Baltimore HIDTA), Director Julian Richards (BUCSIS), Kevin Giblin (USFBI ret) creating a rewarding picture of the present state of intelligence and gave clear directions for surmounting challenges in applied intelligence. The panel examined national intelligence models, capabilities and gaps and emphasized the important role of international partnership between government and research institutions to counter threats. Overall this panel taught members how to unleash the power of intelligence analysis against terrorism and transnational crime.

KNPA Cyber Terror Unit Leader Lee Ju-Man apprised members of the state and orientation of cyber security in response to cybercrimes and cyber aggression facing the   Republic of Korea. Hwang Sae-Woong, KNPA Anti-Terror Unit Leader, enumerated and  detailed strategies and methods available for the detection of deception and its relevance to investigation.

ITTA Instructors rolled up their sleeves and five days of exceptional practical training and platform education ensued. Students at 2013 C4ISR Korea explored the many operational dimensions and opportunities for capability development for dedicated and discrete ISR: Intelligence Analysis, Information Management, Human Terrain Analysis, Aerial Surveillance, Technical Surveillance, Ground Surveillance, Target Interdiction and the contemporary problem of Active Shooter Threat. The understanding and experience gleaned from over a decade of counter terrorism and homeland security work was shared by and between professionals dedicated to preparing and safeguarding us from ‘unexpected terror.’

ITTA was honored by the excellence, character and commitment exhibited by each and every instructor throughout an arduous but rewarding week. We believe these able instructors were met by an equally motivated body of students while in Korea. Training beyond borders at 2013 C4ISR Korea was a journey enjoyed by all. Kamsahamnida!

View 2013 C4ISR Korea on Youtube

The International Tactical Training Association (ITTA) provides advanced tactical training and information resources for members through the ITTA Academy. The Academy enables our members with mission essential knowledge, skills, capabilities training, mentoring and recommendation. From Active Shooter Threat to Dedicated Surveillance, the ITTA Academy is always on Mission helping our professional members with quality education & training.

If you are registered for at least one of the courses, the Online Course Resources page is available for you to obtain helpful information on enrolling and accessing the courses. 

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