National, Regional, and State Level Tactical Training Association links and training  resources



The mission of the National Tactical Officers Association is to enhance the performance and professional status of law enforcement personnel by providing a credible and proven training resource as well as a forum for the development of tactics and information exchange.


The Alabama Tactical Officers Association  supports the protective mission provided by tactical officers in the State of Alabama.


The Alberta Tactical Officers Association represents tactical mission the members and agencies within Alberta, Canada.


The Arizona Tactical Officers Association has been established to advance the education and professionalism of law enforcement officers involved in Emergency Response functions through the exchange of ideas and information relating to tactics, techniques and to further the networking and interrelation of departments and personnel.


The Arkansas Tactical Officers Association  advances education and professionalism of law enforcement and corrections officers involved in tactical operations, through the exchange of ideas and information relating to tactics and techniques.


The California Association of Tactical Officers is a professional organization dedicated to improving tactics and safety through education, peer contacts, and the sharing of tactical information.

The Delaware Tactical Officers Association supports the tactical mission for officers in the state of Delaware.

Florida SWAT

The Florida SWAT Association is dedicated to those professionals operating in the tactical communities of law enforcement and the military.


The Georgia Tactical Officers Association exists to provide assistance to officers and agencies, within the state of Georgia, in the area of tactical operations research, development, and training.


The Illinois Tactical Officers Association  purpose is to promote and encourage educational activities and/or research related to the law enforcement field. Provide an opportunity for tactical officers to gather together to compare ideas and experiences. Through education and networking, high-risk operations requiring a tactical team would be made safer.


The Indiana SWAT Officers Association serves the tactical education mission for the officers and agencies within the state of Indiana.


The Kansas City Metro Tactical Officers Association benefits members with information and tactical training resources.


The Kentucky Tactical Officers Association serves the tactical training needs of interests of agency members in the state of Kentucky.


Latin America Tactical Officers Association (ASOCIACION TACTICA DE OPERADORES LATINOAMERICANOS) Es una organizacion para compartir conocimientos Tacticos y de Rescate a todos los paises Latinoamericanos, alcanzando los mas altos niveles de excelencia.


The Louisiana Tactical Officers Association acts to stimulate research and the development of new methods, operations, techniques, procedures, and equipment within the field of police tactics.


The Michigan Tactical Officers Association is dedicated to the professional development of SWAT Officers in the State of Michigan and around the world.


The Midwest Tactical Officer Association is dedicated to keeping members updated with the topics, techniques and tools to help you face the threats of today, tomorrow and the future.


The Mississippi Tactical Officers Association acts to increase awareness , promote communication, provide training, and keep members informed in the state of Mississippi.


Missouri Tactical Officers Association (Contact: 313-949-3300)



The Mountain States Tactical Officers Association exists to provide mutual aid and protection of its members, to gather the members in social sessions, to train and to educate existing tactical officers to assist their law enforcement agencies


The National Capitol Region SWAT Association  is dedicated to the advancement of the tactical officers and tactical teams of local, state and federal level law enforcement agencies and the military throughout the National Capital Region.


The New England Tactical Officers Association is dedicated to serving current and future tactical operators and team members; along with those who desire to advance and improve law enforcement tactical operations and management.


New York Tactical Officers Association was established to promote training, professionalism and the exchange of information between members of law enforcement, tactical units (law enforcement, military, corrections) and crisis negotiation teams.


The North Carolina Tactical Officers Association   mission is to increase the overall performance, moral and professional status of law enforcement personnel by providing credible, proven, intense, realistic tactical training.


The Ohio Tactical Officers Association is  dedicated to providing networking opportunities and communication links to law enforcement tactical operators, tactical teams and first responders.


The Oregon Tactical Officers Association is an organization dedicated to the leadership and professional development of tactical teams in the State of Oregon


The Ontario Tactical Advisory Body acts to facilitate communication, information sharing, training, and learning of the latest and best tactical practices for its member tactical teams.


The Pennsylvania Tactical Officers Association is dedicated to providing networking opportunities and communication links for tactical operators.


The Rocky Mountain Tactical Team Association is dedicated to fostering cooperation between tactical teams and for the sharing of knowledge of new product ideas and innovative training.


The Special Operations Training Association – Midwest   seeks to learn, research, develop and deliver the training to tactical teams for mission success.


Tennessee Tactical Officers Association


The Texas Tactical Police Officers Association serves to exchange information, create standards of training, and provide training resources for tactical officers and teams.


The Washington State Tactical Officers Association  promotes training, professionalism and communication between members of tactical units within the state of Washington.


The Wisconsin – Association of SWAT Personnel formed to bring continuity and consistency in training to tactical teams in the state of Wisconsin.