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The U.S. Intelligence Community is a coalition of 17 agencies and organizations, including the Office of the Directorate of National Intelligence (ODNI), within the Executive Branch that work both independently and collaboratively to gather and analyze the intelligence necessary to conduct foreign relations and national security activities.

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Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) is an important tool for counterterrorism and criminal investigations.

Dr. Hsinchun Chen (University of Arizona): The Crossroads of Big Data for Terrorism and Crime Informatics for Law Enforcement



Globalytica is the thought leader in developing and teaching analytic techniques, critical thinking, and writing skills. Globalytica team members have been developing, teaching, and coaching critical thinking skills and the use of structured analytic techniques in the Law Enforcement, Homeland Security, and Intelligence Communities for over a decade.



The purpose of IALEIA is to advance high standards of professionalism in law enforcement intelligence analysis at the local, state/provincial, national, and international levels.  Our aim is to enhance understanding of the role of intelligence analysis, encourage the recognition of intelligence analysis as a professional endeavor, develop international qualification and competency standards, reinforce professional concepts, devise training standards and curricula, furnish advisory and related services on intelligence analysis matters, conduct analytic-related research studies, and provide the ability to disseminate information regarding analytical techniques and methods.



The Association of Law Enforcement Intelligence Units (LEIU) is an organization whose mission is providing leadership and promoting professionalism in the criminal intelligence community in order to protect public safety and constitutional rights.



The primary mission of the Ridge School is to deliver an education in intelligence analysis at the undergraduate and graduate levels, develop model intelligence products, and research TTP applicable to the intelligence process.




Law Enforcement Analytic Standards (2012)





Recommended Reading

Analytic Techniques and Tradecraft

Fei Yeh, Puong. Using Prediction Markets to Enhance US Intelligence Capabilities – Journal Article
Fleisher, Craig S. and Bebette E. Bensoussan. Business and Competitive Intelligence Analysis: Effective Application of New and Classic Methods – Book
Garcia, Gregory M. Tactical Source Profiling and Tactical Analysis – Newspaper Article
George, Roger Z. Fixing the Problem of Analytical Mind-Sets: Alternative Analysis – Journal Article                                                                       Hall, Wayne Michael and Gary Citrenbaum. Intelligence Analysis: How to Think in Complex Environments– Book
Hamilton, James D. Time Series Analysis – Book
Heuer, Richards J. The Evolution of Structured Analytic Techniques – Conference Paper
Heuer, Richards J. and Randolph H. Pherson. Structured Analytic Techniques for Intelligence Analysis – Book
Heuer, Richards J. The Psychology of Intelligence Analysis – Book
Jones, Morgan D. The Thinker’s Toolkit: 14 Powerful Techniques for Problem Solving – Book
Longbine, David F. Red Teaming: Past and Present – Research Paper
Ogilvy, Jay. Scenario Planning, Art or Science – Journal Article
Pherson, Randolph H.; Schwartz, Alan R.; & Elizabeth Manak. Anticipating Rare Events: The Role of ACH and Other Structured Analytic Techniques – Research Paper
Schweitzer, Nicholas. Bayesian Analysis for Intelligence: Some Focus on the Middle East – Journal Article
Segell, Glen M. Intelligence Methodologies Applicable to the Madrid Train Bombings, 2004 – Journal Article
Wheaton, Kristan J. and Diane E. Chido. Structured Analysis of Competing Hypotheses: Improving Tested Intelligence Methodolodgy – Journal Article

Business Intelligence

Brown, Mark Graham. Beyond the Balanced Scorecard: Improving Business Intelligence with Analytics – Book
Dresner, Howard. Profiles in Performance: Business Intelligence Journeys and the Roadmap for Change – Book
Fleisher, Craig S. and Bebette E. Bensoussan. Business and Competitive Intelligence Analysis: Effective Application of New and Classic Methods – Book
Gilad, B. and J. Herring (eds.). The Art. And Science of Business Intelligence Analysis – Book
Howson, Cindi. Successful Business Intelligence: Secrets to Making BI a Killer App – Book
Inmon, William H. and Anthony Nesavich. Tapping into Unstructured Data: Integrating Unstructured Data and Textual Analytics into Business Intelligence – Book
Loshin, David. Business Intelligence: The Savvy Manager’s Guide – Book
Medina, Carmen and Rebecca Fisher. Thinking About the Business of Intelligence – Journal Article
Miller, Gloria J.; Brautigam, Dagmar and Stefanie V. Gerlach. Business Intelligence Competency Centers: A Team Approach to Maximizing Competitive Advantage – Book
Turban, Efraim; Sharda, Ramesh; and Dursun Delen. Decision Support and Business Intelligence Systems– Book
Turban, Efraim; Sharda, Ramesh; Delen, Dursun and David King. Business Intelligence – Book
Vercellis, Carlo. Business Intelligence: Data Mining and Optimization for Decision Making – Book
Williams, Steve. The Profit Impact of Business Intelligence – Book

Competitive Intelligence

Axelrod, Robert. The Evolution of Cooperation – Book
Bernhardt, D. Consumer vs. Producer: Overcoming the disconnect between management and competitive intelligence – Journal Article
Bouthillier, F., and K. Shearer. Assessing Competitive Intelligence Software: A Guide to Evaluating IC Technology – Book
Cart, M.M. Super Searchers on Competitive Intelligence: The Online and Offline Secrets of Top CI Researchers – Book
Cohen, A. The misuse of competitive intelligence – Journal Article
Crane, Andrew. In the company of spies: When competitive intelligence gathering becomes industrial espionage – Journal Article
Dishman, P.; Fleisher, C.S. and V. Knip. A chronological anbd categorized bibliography of key competitive intelligence scholarship: Part I (1996-2003) – Journal Article
Dishman, P.; Fleisher, C.S. and V. Knip. A chronological anbd categorized bibliography of key competitive intelligence scholarship: Part II (1990-1996) – Journal Article
Dishman, P.; Fleisher, C.S. and V. Knip. A chronological anbd categorized bibliography of key competitive intelligence scholarship: Part III ( Pre-1990) – Journal Article
Fiora, B. Applying Consulting Skills to CI Projects – Part I – Journal Article
Fleisher, Craig S. An introduction to the management and practice of competitive intelligence – Journal Article
Fleisher, Craig S. Competitive Intelligence Education: Competencies, Sources and Trends – Journal Article
Fleisher, Craig S. and Bebette E. Bensoussan. Business and Competitive Intelligence Analysis: Effective Application of New and Classic Methods – Book
Fleisher, Craig S. and Bebette E. Bensoussan. Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Analysis: Methods and Techniques for Analyzing Business Competition – Book
Fleisher, Craig S. and D.L. Belnkhorn. Controversies in Competitive Intelligence: The Enduring Issues – Book
Fuld, L.M. The New Competitor Intelligence – Book
Gilad, Ben. Early Warning: Using Competitive Intelligence to Anticipate Market Shifts, Control Risks and Create Powerful Strategies – Book
Herring, J. Key intelligence topics: A process to identify and define intelligence needs – Journal Article
Kahaner, Larry. Competitive Intelligence : How to Gather, Analyze, and Use Information to Move Your Business to the Top – Book
Lackman, C.; Saban, K.; and J. Lanasa. Organizing the competitive intelligence function: A benchmarking study – Journal Article
McGonagle, J.J., and C.M. Vella. The Manger’s Guide to Competitive Intelligence – Book
McGonagle, J.J., and C.M. Vella. Outsmarting the Competition: Practical Approaches to Finding and Using Competitive Information – Book
Miller, Jerry P. and Leonard Fuld. Millennium Intelligence: Understanding and Conducting Competitive Intelligence in the Digital – Book
Nolan, John. Confidential: Uncover Your Competitors’ Top Business Secrets Legally and Quickly–and Protect Your Own – Book
Porter, M.E. Competitive Strategy: Techniques for Analyzing Industries and Competitors – Book
Prescott, John E. The Evolution of Competitive Intelligence – Journal Article
Prescott, John E.; Miller, Stephen H. and SCIP. Proven Strategies in Competitive Intelligence: Lessons from the Trenches – Book
Shacker, S. and M. Gembicki. The Warroom Guide to Competitive Intelligence – Book
Sharp, Seena. Competitive Intelligence Advantage: How to Minimize Risk, Avoid Surprises, and Grow Your Business in a Changing World – Book
Skryzowski, L. Building a CI network from scratch – Journal Article
Stack, Kevin P. Competitive intelligence – Journal Article
Waters, T.J. Hyperformance: Using Competitive Intelligence for Better Strategy and Execution – Book
Werther, G. Building an ‘Analysis Age’ for Competitive Intelligence in the 21st Century – Journal Article
Zahra, S. and S. Chaples. Blind spots in competitive analysis – Journal Article

Information Theory

Cover, Thomas M. and Joy A. Thomas. Elements of Information Theory – Book
Davies, Paul and Niels Henrik Gregersen. Information and the Nature of Reality: From Physics to Metaphysics – Book
Gleick, James. The Information: A History, a Theory, a Flood – Book
MacKay, David J.C. Information Theory, Inference and Learning Algorithms – Book
Pierce, John R. An Introduction to Information Theory: Symbols, Signals and Noise – Book
Reza, Fazlollah M. An Introduction to Information Theory – Book
Wu, Tim. The Master Switch: The Rise and Fall of Information Empires – Book

Intelligence and Law

Baker, James A. The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act – Conference Paper
Banks, William C. Programmatic Surveillance and FISA: Of Needles in Haystacks – Journal Article
Bazan, Elizabeth B. The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act: Overview and Modifications – Book
Bedan, Matt. Echelon’s Effect: The obsolence of the U.S. Foreign Intelligence Legal Regime – Journal Article
Borene, Andrew M. The U.S. Intelligence Community Law Sourcebook: A Compendium of National Security Related Laws and Policy Documents – Book
Bryan, Ian and Michael Salter. War crimes prosecutors and intelligence agencies: the case for assessing their collaboration – Journal Article
Martin, Kate. Domestic Intelligence and Civil Liberties – Journal Article
Martin, Kate. Intelligence, Terrorism and Civil Liberties – Journal Article
Newbery, Samantha; Brecher, Bob; Sands, Philippe and Brian Stewart. Interrogation, Intelligence and the Issue of Human Rights – Journal Article
Pious, Richard M. The War on Terrorism and the Rule of Law – Book
Sanders, Rebecca. Norms of Exception? Intelligence Practices, Human Rights, and the Law – Conference Paper

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