ITTA is always on mission an prepared to deliver exceptional training and disruptive solutions to meet enduring problems and emerging challenges. Our courses are designed and intended solely for authorized Law Enforcement, Defense, Intelligence, and Homeland Security personnel. ITTA training and services are relevant to a spectrum from 1st Responders/EM to major criminal investigation,counter-terrorism, and tactical operations in high risk environments. Semper in Via.

Our mobile training teams utilize operational platform training and cutting edge technologies in training courses and exercises. Where applicable, students will be tested in culmination exercises with full mission profiles in planning and execution. Students accepted to these courses will obtain prerequisite agency approval; meet all governing criteria, regulation, and policy; as well as validation of assignment/duty to instructional area when applicable. ITTA also offers customs course development to meet your agency requirement. Contact ITTA for current offerings, detailed course information and questiions about our training and services.

ITTA Training & Services

We are committed to providing clients with advanced tactical training offerings and programs of technical insstruction which meet challenges directly, maximize effect and positively impact the capability of our clients in homeland security and defense. We confrom to clent standards and requirement.

ITTA Training Solutions


  • Firearms Training
  • Designated Marksman
  • Precision Rifle
  • Force Protection
  • Small Unit Tactics/CQB
  • First Responder Preparedness
  • Human Terrain Analysis/COIN
  • Surveillance Detection
  • Advanced Surveillance Training
  • Intelligence Analyst Training
  • Source Operations
  • Advanced EOD/C-IED
  • Single and Multiple Purpose Canine
  • Continuity of Operations
  • Table Top Exercises
  • Threat and Vulnerabilty Assessments
  • Commercial Security

Our Premier mobile training teams deliver quality training for national level agency and support homeland security. ITTA will develop custom programs for delivery at any location in accord with your specialized needs, time constraints and requirements.


Each year we are proud to host our premier conference to serve ITTA members globally. Please stay tuned as the 2014 Counter Terrorism Conference details are forthcoming soon! In 2013, ITTA and over 800 international and regional members joined together to collaborate and network at the 2013 C4ISR Korea event.

C4ISR Korea Conference (Asan, South Korea)