Donate a Uniform to the BMPA Police Museum

(Busan, RoK)

Help Us Share and Preserve the History of Your Agency!

The Busan Municipal Police Museum (BMPA) is diverse and always growing. The Police Museum is expanding its collection of agency service uniforms and memorabilia. ITTA is lending a hand and we need your support. These items have special value and the power to tell the stories of the men and women who serve to preserve public security and safety. These contributions y help future generations to understand the meaning of sacrifice and selfless service. We understand that donating a uniform can be deeply personal. We look forward to working with you to preserve your history for the future.


Chief Superintendent Lee Kum-Hyoung is the acting Commissioner of the Busan Municipal Police Authority (BMPA). After 40 years of dedicated service, she is now the first woman to hold the second highest rank in the Korean National Police Agency (with over 100,000 personnel).

2013 BMPA Counter Terrorism Symposia & Training Event - ITTA extends our deepest gratitude to Commissioner Shin Yong-Sun and the honored members of the Busan Municipal Police Authority. - FotologBMPA_RoK

For questions related to donation of a uniform or agency memorabilia, please contact:

Office of Foreign Affairs
International Tactical Training Association (ITTA)