ITTA proudly joined with Peter Kerr and Grant Lightfoot this summer to provide crucial training for the adventure challenge devised by Discovery Channel. In this contest, elite veteran SEAL member Joel Lambert challenges elite special operations units to capture him as he escapes and evades. Watch closely to see the KNPA Special Operations Unit 868 pick up the gauntlet. Our hats off to the operators of Unit 868!M

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The ISIS Threat Extends Beyond Iraq and Syria

US CENTCOM helps to secure global trade and leads fight in WoT.

The International Tactical Training Association (ITTA) meets to collaborate with partners, professionals and colleagues. ITTA would like to acknowledge the exceptional dedication and professionalism of the many agency members we had the pleasure of sharing and meeting with. Thank you so much!

USS New York: Forged from 7.5 tons of World Trade Center steel, it is a living memorial to 9/11. Watch below:

Morocco’s Counterterrorism Effort and Threat from Syria

The Community Policing Role in Counterterrorism and for Reducing Violent Extremism

NCTC Thailand hosts collaborative event for (7) SE Asian partners on nuclear counterproliferation and detection of RDD.

Max Boot Explains How Unconventional Warfare is ‘Conventional’ from Historical Perspective