ITTA hosts a range of exciting events — including international conferences, advanced courses of tactical instruction, lectures with distinguished speakers, authors and LE/MIL personnel, and association gatherings.

Our Milestone Conference – 2013 C4ISR Korea

Our September conference marked an important milestone in ITTA’s journey. This 5-day event explored and provided definition for the surveillance and intelligence enterprise in combatting terrorism and major crime in the post-9/11 era of law enforcement and homeland security. Getting the training right is essential to achieve fit-for-purpose solutions to tackle our challenges.

Over 800 international and regional members joined together to collaborate on this great task supported by dynamic instructors bearing the best methods and practices. Our host, KNPA Commissioner Lee Sung-Han congratulated members “on your effective measures to maintain law and order for the security of your citizens…and preparation for unexpected terror internationally.”

C4ISR Korea Conference (Asan, South Korea)


Police Training Institute
407 Chosa-Dong
Asan City, Republic of Korea