The International Tactical Training Association (ITTA) seeks dedicated, reliable, and enthusiastic volunteers, student interns, and employees who share a passion for tactical training & education


  • Special Projects and Blue Light Digital Lab

The Special Collections and Digital Lab features a wide range of electronic educational products and training platforms including secure forum, course-ware, and video-based training. Translation skills, technical and educational experience, or previous experience in a specific field may be necessary for projects in the Blue Light Digital Lab. Projects with this department might require work from remote locations. 

  • Research

Volunteers assisting with research for Blue Light Digital lab projects will have the opportunity to participate in many areas. Duties for volunteers include conducting research,  transcription work, and even conducting interviews. 

  • Training Programs and Conference

Help support our instructors and attend programs and conference at no cost. 

  • Official Visitation & Tours

Volunteer tour guides will be responsible for assisting and supporting official agency visitation sponsored by ITTA.